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Don't Come to Mexico! You Will Hate it!

(pst pass it on so we can keep Mexico to ourselves) My husband and I have kind of retired (or rather we keep busy as developers to limit our time at the margarita bar). We are over 55 and I do not want to rough it any more Okay! Okay! I like to be spoiled. I like my sheets cool and luxurious and my wine the same. I like great service and great food. I like to golf by the ocean with no one pushing me to go faster and I love to listen to all kinds of live music and dance. Then why am I in Mexico? Luxuries are quite often affordable in many places in Mexico. I have slept in a Basilica in Patzcuaro with 20-ft. ceilings, a wood fireplace in the room, feather white duvets and Spanish style verandas for US $80.00. This, all just one block from one of the most beautiful squares I have ever seen. (The four of us sat up till 3 am playing guitar and singing around a fire pit just outside our bedroom. I seem to recall many bottles of wine.) On top of it all, the amazing 300 sq. ft. balcony 16 floors up looking over Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta for about US $125.00 a night. How about swimming under a fresh water waterfall?

What about Comala, a beautiful square ringed by orange trees where you are serenaded on patio restaurants by Mariachis and tapas are endless and free as long as you keep drinking. Imagine taking 8 hrs. to play 16 holes of golf never seeing another golfer with the tequila truck following your group catering to your every need. A 27-hole championship golf course ... all yours. (Good thing, the way I golf) I asked about lessons and they said, "The caddy will help you while you golf." He not only took about 10 strokes off my game, but also found my ball and set up all my shots! At our complex at "Playa Grande Condominiums" we bring in our own bands and put on spectacular parties. For New Year's Eve, we have a catered sit down meal while being serenaded by music, then dancing, then unbelievable fireworks. Our neighbor comes by and does a fire dance for us on the beach silhouetted against the magical Pacific Ocean. When we head to the open-air restaurant for dancing, there is a DJ, light show, Pinata, all very romantic and intimate for under US $50.00 . How

about going fishing for the entire day for about US $200.00 for the whole boat! We all know how very lucky we are. We have many charities that we support. I can buy a 25 kg bag of beans and give it to our local food bank, which will help feed about 300 people for a month. This might cost me US $40.00 dollars. I can go to the children's shelter and buy food for a meal and feed everyone (55 children) for about US $50.00. A bunch of us each put in 100 dollars and put on Christmas for all the kids getting a stocking and present with a Christmas dinner! It is so easy to make such a big difference! Back to me in Mexico. I sleep on a pillow top-mattress, have a dishwasher, a glorious view of the ocean from my favorite seat on a spectacular deck. At sunset, everyone converges to the front for happy hour and sometimes we forget about dinner. Now tell me again why you are not coming to Mexico? When people complain about the bad press and how their friends are scared to travel, I always tell them to just appreciate what you can NOW because it will change ... and then we will be the old foggies sitting around the crowded Mexican bar talking about the good old days when everything was affordable and we could enjoy the luxurious lifestyle that Mexico offered us.

We have history here. The area is pristene, serene, and could easily be described as close to paradise as you can imagine. We found it for you ! Come and experience what we have found. Many have come to enjoy this piece of Paradise. Come and experience what we have found.

So don't come to Mexico, you' ll hate it !

By Virginia Olson